No Smoking Day

day 3 and doing ok

Hey guys,

Well that's me on day 3 now. I'm not feeling too bad although I only had 4 pieces of nicorette, which I'm proud about. However, I am absolutely knackered - probably because did the night feeds last night - as for Lincoln - he is sleeping all day and awake most of the night grrr, but just as long as he isn't in a smokey house - thats all the matter to me.

Day 3 here I come:D

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Well done Philip,

Keep up the great work,




Well done hun :)

Keep it up, you are doing greatttttt!!




Well done Phill day three already see the time is passing so fast. xxxxx


Hi Phil,

thanks for the reply. It helps to have someone going trouhg the same thing to motivate you and tell you that it is normal! So, we can do that for eachother. Yes?

To the more plesant things. Congratulations with your baby!!!!!


hi phil

well done and welcome don't envy you the night feeds but enjoy you baby he will grow up fast lots of luck with the quit

love margaret


hi ross,i have 5 daughters,there all growen up now,,but night feeds,haha all the best to you ,been there,,got the tee shirt,,most of us on here can relate to night feeds,wow..but you are doing so good... give your self a pat on the back..dont look back ,,look forward,you wiil get there in the you just keep the faith all the best tony


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