No Smoking Day
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The most obvious tip ever?

A lot of people have problems remembering how life was before they started smoking... as did I, until reminded. I forget where I first read this and thought "that is just so obvious".... so I have typed out the essentials from memory.

I'm talking about the physical craves, the relatively easy ones - not the phsycolgical ones... education is the way around those ones.


You never had a crave for nicotine before you smoked - obvious, isn't it? But I had forgotten that simple fact, or just didn't think to think about it.

Before you inhaled the first bit of nicotine, you didn't want it. The craves are not for cigarettes, they are for nicotine. They are not caused by not smoking, they are caused by smoking. As soon as you smoke, the crave is eased - until the level in your blood drops. It's a cycle caused directly and only by the first time you put nicotine in your body.

Most importantly of all - the only way not to have any craves is not to put nicotine in your body for a period of time.

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Obvious tip NO.2

The only way to stay quit is to Not Smoke! (Just don't ever stick another ciggie in your gob again!)


could not have put it better my self,,dont smoke .keep the faith tony


I agree :D

As long as we keep reminding ourselves ;)


Drink plenty of water and eat little and often !!;):D


dont for get the pork scratching..i love them.. and i think nic [ aham ] loves them too yum yummmmm all the best tony


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