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Overdosing on NRT but its not helping the craves

Hi, newbie here, have full strenght patches and use lozenges when I have a bad crave, it still feels no easier than week 1 and its been four weeks now.

havent been out yet so still have to face the alcholol test and have a holiday booked to jamaica next week where it will be drinking every night.

Please help me, I dont think Im going to do this!!

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hi scouse,well come to the fourm,just remember 0ne thing,,weather you smoke or not the crave will go,you have to read all you can,there is lots of info on this site,,

every single cig you avoid and neglect,phychologically constructs and weields fortification.regarding your determination,to essentially to be a non can do i say.. keep the faith all the best tony


Tony is right about the craves...

There are 2 rules I try to remember...

1) Smoking does not make ANY situation better. The situation will not change, but you have smoked.

2) A crave will go away on it's own. Always. No matter how bad it is. Which makes smoking a waste of time and money.

I always found that confronting the crave in some way made it shorter. I used to write down how I felt and actually think about it. Once confronted for what it was (just an empty, slightly hungry feeling of "I want a cigarette") I was able to get it over with quicker.

Also, read on this forum and have a good look at and - both fantastic sites packed full of info.

Quitting is at least 95% in the head - learn all you can and it will stand you in good stead. The more you learn, the less you crave.

Try not to go mad on the NRT - the aim is to get nicotine free. If you feel you need it to reduce the craves, that's fine but long term the only way to not crave nicotine is not to use it. A little fact for you. A course of NRT 3 months or more. But if you stop using nicotine entirely you are free of it in 72 hours, and the physical cravings ease off after about 7 days and stop entirely within 3 weeks. That is not to say that I am against NRT - if it helps you quit then thats fantastic... all I am saying is to have a think about it after you have read a lot and see what you think is best for you.

Hang in there, it does get easier - I promise :D


Thanks for your prompt and kind advise.

Some days I feel like I am going mad. This is by far the worst thing I have ever done in my life. I felt so full of enthusisam in the first few weeks like I had momentum to keep going but now I think to myself am I always going to feel like this and have I ruined my life. ...

Am I always going to feel this general apathy and irritation and how the hell am I going to feel when I ween myself of the patches.

Urrg. I thought it would get easier!! If Im dosed up with patches and lozenges what the hell am I craving?


Sorry just feeling sorry for myself I guess but everyone else on here seems to be doing great at Month 1..

Been the gym today, that helped, the weekends are undoubtably the worst.

Thanks for letting me rant, feel like Im boring my boyfriend stupid!! Im so glad I found this site. xxx



here's a post Stuart wrote not too long ago which i would recommend reading..

NRT, like many other props, pills, and crutches is summat that some people use to help them in their quit. For some it can make the path easier but in itself won't stop you from smoking or wishing to smoke.

That must come from within.

Read, read and read again. Find out why you smoked and discover why you think you'd like to continue smoking.

There is a switch that can turn off this horrid compulsion to keep inhaling tobacco smoke but alas it's inside your head and only you can access it.

If you're lucky you'll find it one moment when you're not expecting it, if you're unlucky you'll never find it.

Increase your chances by reading how others did it, read what they read and benefit from their experiences.

Stay strong and Merry Christmas.


You're not the only one that struggles - I had the worst time of my quit so far in week 7.

It will get easier, it will - but everyone is different.

If Im dosed up with patches and lozenges what the hell am I craving?

as I said, the physical symptoms are very mild - it's the subconcious and phsycological ones that are the hardest to deal with. They feel the same as the physical ones but last longer - and no medication can help.

You need to educate yourself against this and you will succeed.

Please spend a lot of time reading and it will help you.

*is very proud that one of his posts has just been referred to as educational - normally they are printed out to be used as toilet paper*


hi scousemouse..when you smoke this is a few of the diseases you will get..when you read them think about could be you ..

disease you could get .1 lung...2heart..3 blood arteries...4 brain...5 digestive tract..6..glycose levels..7..cholesterol..8..gums..9..teeth..10..mouth...thats just a few ,,so when you get a crave..just think about all the diseases you could get..and the stress you put on your loved mom died of lung disease..and i can tell you its not a pretty tears your heart out to see them in be strong and keep the faith all the best tony..PS HAPPY XMAS TO YOU ALL


Hi Scouse

How you feeling today better i hope. xxxx


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