No Smoking Day

Moving Over

I have moved over to the day 3 forum area despite having a puff earlier.

Hippocrit I hear you say? Well trust me I cannot believe how stupid I was, and when you add to that the fact that I threw it straight away without inhaling when I realised what I was doing, I think that constitutes a way forward.

Plus, I was so hard on myself for it, I ended up doing over an hour on the weights, and have near killed myself (well my arms and chest at least) in a positive manner, which helped me clear my head out.

A setback? Yes.

Back to the start? No.

Will I do it again? No.

Have I learned my lesson? Yes.

So, Day 3, here we are, in a round about kind of fashion.

I will be talking with my Wife and asking her to be a little more considerate with her smoking bits and pieces, as leaving them around is really unhelpful. I will also be trying the writing down all about the craving tip that was made earlier, you never know!

See you all tomorrow!


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Well done Stu. You really faced your enemy there and ended up not wanting. Use these successes as a way to strengthen your resolve for staying stopped smoking.

It possibly would be a good thing if your wife could help you by keeping her smoking paraphernalia out of temptations way whilst you go through the early days of you quit.

Keep on keepin' on. :)



I threw it straight away without inhaling

Well if its good enough for Bill Clinton!!!!

Seriously you stopped yourself, so Day 3 all the way!

Don't get that close again though!




Hi Stu

Close call but at least you stopped your self. Day three almost over things should get a lot easyer now. See you tomorrow. xxxx


Thanks Guys, that really was a close call last night, but today is a new day, and hopefully I wont get to that point again.

Well, as of 630pm today I'm out of here and into the rest of week 1 forum, so I shall see you after half 6 tonight!



Theres a great sense of satisfaction when you bump up a sub forum!!:D:D:D


well done stu,,keep it up,, be strong and allways look on the bright side of life :D keep the faith tony


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