No Smoking Day

Deep Relaxation Hypnosis Music


Has anyone tried any relaxation music to help quit smoking? I would be interested to hear how it works other than put you to sleep. Is it soft talking drumming into your head how to quit, or is is just relaxing music to quarm your stresses etc?

There's a few products over at Amazon that have hypnosis music to help you.

Thank you.

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Carey you may wish to remove that link as commercial links are now allowed within forum rules and it is likely to be removed by the mods when they see it.


I've tried a few hypnosis mp3's, and besides not working, they are cheesy and contain music that sounds like it should be in a 70s **** flick!

I agree, Rick.

They should have music more worthy of a 1980's XXX flick!:p



Tried oone for a few weeks - it relaxed me , but did nothing for my smoknig cravings.


Speaking of which...


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