No Smoking Day
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Really Cr@p day

Oh well,

Today at work I had a huge row with boss man over annual performance review.

We have a difference of opinion, with his being lower than mine of me.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and even through our gruelling 3 hour meeting where he picked apart my years work, I did not sit there thinking "let me out of here & just let me have fag to gather my thoughts together". I burst into tears post meeting but did not think about having a smoke.

Then (v. off topic) the tears came tumbling this evening 'cos Eric & Austin have been robbed on Strickly!! :(

Need the lottery more than ever!

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Sorry to hear that, but good news that you didn't think of smoking to cope, that's a great sign.


Thanks Nic - Thats what I thought too.

It's a sh!tty way of returning to work but then it's never supposed to have been soft & cuddly in financial services.

It only occured to me that I passed the test so to speak when I was telling my husband tonight when he got home. He was stood in the kitchen having a fag and I thought well at least I didn't reach for a smoke.....chocolate yes, but not a fag!

On a lighter note - with a lack of chocolate in the house tonight & too cold to go out for some I am ashamed to admit we unwrapped the chocolates we got his mother for Christmas and ate the lot :p


Rofl, classic


Hope you enjoyed them F2Q

Sorry you had a shitty day but hope your proud about the out come. Good for you girl think your winning. xxxxxxxxxxxx


Lol at you eating your mil's chocolates!

I've got some for my mil for xmas too but won't eat them as they're marzipan inside which I detest-good job really otherwise I may have been tempted, especially as she was really rude to me the other day!

Sorry you had a crap day at work F2Q-I'm in financial services too and you're right-it is par for the course-especially at the moment! I'm getting stressed with being criticised, patronised and generally treated like dirt but you know what? It makes me even more determined to stick at this quit-I don't want to give any of them the satisfaction of thinking they drove me back to smoking! Besides, I know that a cigarette won't change anything and certainly won't help-it will just add to my stress.

Hopefully, things aren't so bad for you now after a good night's sleep-stick with it-you know you can do it!



Your right, we are in the wrong industry just now. I see you are south coast, wouldn't be Bournmouth & the big company base there would it? :)

I went out tonight to get my nails & feet done and I was moaning to the lady (I've been going for years) about it too - she said everyone needs a fall guy in these times and I seem to be it. Got to watch my alcohol consumption at the Christmas party on Friday or I could be in serious trouble if I open my mouth :p

She said & I agree with her that it's because some people have such little lives and so work is a huge part of it. I'm more of the opinion that so long as they pay me I don't care...:rolleyes:

Anyway had a right laugh tonight (she gave up the fags 5 years ago when her little boy was born) about drinking smoking and snorting too much when we were younger with no responsibilities.

See Ya later all



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