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Anxiety & Panic

Hello Guys,

I am new to the forum and have now quit smoking for 18 days!

One of my reasons for quiting is because I have suffered with panic attacks and anxiety (disorder) for years and stopping smoking seemed natural for me as part of my recovery programme.

I wonder, are there any posters on this forum where stopping smoking has had a positive impact on their stress levels or anxiety?

Are there any other anxiety sufferers here and has stopping smoking helped you at all (in the long run).

I know my anxiety levels shot up during withdrawal but they seem to have tailed off and actually now seem lower than they were???

I would very much appreciate you sharing your experience.

Thanks for your time.


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Well done, I am sure quitting will have a very positive impact on your anxiety.

I have never been diagnosed as having an anxiety or stress problem, but I have noticed a very significant difference in myself.

My stress levels are MUCH lower than they used to be, I generally feel much more relaxed and I sleep better at night.

I am certain that you will notice a big difference :)


I too found that once I had a few weeks under my belt I was generally less stressed.

But equally there have been a few points when the process of quitting caused me anxiety, however that has long since passed.

All the best.



Sorry for the negative post but I have never had an anxiety problem until I quit smoking and I still am being treated for it with meds.Im sure I had the problem before I quit and smoking was my drug to keep it under control,even if it was just in my head that smoking helped.


I suffered from panic attacks which always made me reach for a ciggie, now with my mind focused I can see that cigarettes are not the answer.

The first 2 weeks I did get the panic,now even when I have a lot of stress,which at the moment I have Plenty!lol I dont think of a cigarette,Or it might go through my mind but thats it!

You will get lots of help on here, what I would say Is read,read,Read and educate yourself about smoking,it realy does open your eyes.

Good Luck


me too

I have suffered with anxiety and find it much better since I quit.


I haven't suffered with anxiety but, I do have mild depression and was worried about what effect stopping would have on this. To be honest, I have felt calmer and happier in the month since I have quit than I have for a long time!


Thanks guys,

This all sounds pretty positive on the whole which is what I suspected.

This is yet one more reason for me to never smoke again.




I agree. I also suffer with both. Before I re-started smoking and whilst I was on them.

alan carr summed it up perfectly for me.

If feeling normal is a Zero, and for a non smoker happieness is a 10, and unphappy is minus 5.

Then for a smoker, you are normal on minus 10. When you are smoking a fag you go up to a minus 5. but you never get to a zero, let alone above that.

for me that explained it prefectly and helped me to deal with the stress. the fact is Im going to have panic attacks whether I smoke or not. The only differece is, the only time I feel releif as a smoker is the moment Im actually puffing away, the minute I put it out, the cravings start all over again ready for the next Smoke, so all that anxeity is ONTOP of the panic attacks and depression i have been Suffering.

If you want to PM me, feel free


I hope that made sense


I have/had social anxiety in certain scenarios and stopping smoking has DEFINATLY helped that.

Its so much easier now to not allow your heartbeat to run away and get worse, plus ur heart rythm will be naturally beating slower than before which overall is a positive calming effect on your body and mind.

+ u will be happier, have more money , ull look better and feel better all reducing negative thoughts , therefore, again will reduce certain types of anxiety.

Hope that helps.


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