day 21 or 22??

Hi all , hope everyone had a great smoke free weekend !!:D

well just come back from seeing nic nurse and got another 0 reading (live in a rural area so that's why my reading is like that for anyone wondering ) learnt a 2 interesting facts from her today so thought i would share them :)

1) the rain can affect your carbon reading - this i was shocked at lol

2) after 6 weeks the nhs class you as a non smoker and update your record with this information - both me and the nic nurse thought that that time frame was a bit soon to class someone as a "non smoker" , personally i think i will look at myself more as a ex- smoker !!

well anyway reason for the title my quit counter is not working properly today , so don't quite know where i am in figures :mad: although i know i am in my 4th week , and am proud with myself for getting this far :D

As for my cravings - well they have been none exsistent this weekend but i have been reading other peoples experiences and most seem to slip on week 4 so i will on my toes ready to whip that "nicodemons" butt .

Tracey x

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  • well done,

    Great that you are having no cravings but good that you are prepared in case they crop up.

    whether 21 or 22 days it'll be a month before you know it!

    All the best


  • hi tracey u r doing great nearly a month

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