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Hello and help!

Hi out there,

Another newbie joined your forum.

I am desperate to stop allergic to the adhesive on the patches and cannot use the lozenges or gum, they give me palpitations!!!!

My doctor has pescribed Zyban but I am worried about using it, has anyone out there had any experience with the drug? I am 55 and, at the moment, fit and healthy, my fear is based around the fact that everywhere I have looked for information there is a warning that Zyban can cause suicidal tendencies - and I live alone! Am I being paranoid?

Thanks for reading.


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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum,

I tried zyban, on a previous quit and didn't have any suicidal feelings, so its only a possible side effect not a guarantee.

It did work to get me off the ciggys but did nothing to address why I smoked so I ended up back on them.

Have you discussed your worries with your GP?

All the best with it.




Thank you Nic, yes I did speak to the Doctor and he said much the same as you. Maybe I should just go for it! Wish I could still use the patches I gave up for two years after using them but for some reason am now allergic.



Hi, Champix seems to be the preferred prescribed drug in use at the moment. I have quit using Champix, and have had very few side effects. I had my last cigarette on 31/Dec/2007, at nearly 64 years of age, and after smoking about 50 a day for the last 47 years. So, as you can see, a VERY heavy smoker to say the least. If your Doctor has already prescribed Zyban for you, if you asked for Champix instead, maybe it would not be a problem. Good Luck. Keep coming back on here, you will get loads of help.:):):)

Love Josie XXX


Hi Josie,

I did ask for Champix as I have a friend who has given up sucessfully using it. My Doctor said it wasn't licensed, I am in Scotland, and prescribed Zyban instead. The boxes of tablets have been sitting in a drawer for three weeks, I keep looking and chickening out!



Hi Lindsay, How odd:confused: I was under the impression that it was Licensed in Scotland before England. In fact, l have just looked on the Champix info site, and it states that "it was approved for prescription on the NHS in Scotland on 14th January 2007". If l were you, l would have another word with your Doctor, as Zyban and Champix work in quite different ways. Keep posting.:):):)

Love Josie XXX


Hi Lyndsay

wellcome to the forum

I have also heard the negative stuff about Zyban ands would also recommend that you ask your doc for Champix. many on this forum have used Champix and had a good quit.

However, i would also recommend that you should maybe read Allen carrs =easyway to quit smoking..Again, some on here have read it and had a relatively easy doesn't work for everyone but its surely got to be worth a shot!!!

Also read up about quitting, what to expedct, how to deal with various aspects etc....there are some links to some great sites in my signature....i found whyquit to be particularly good.

Remember nothing is cast in stone and that we all have different advice to give, some conflicting, some agreeing. The important thing is what works for YOU!! (But i think MOST of us would agree about the reading!!)

Good luck


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