Day 15

:D Well made it to the start of week 3 !!!

feeling good about my quit. got a bit of a gritty throat and a little bit spotty lol can't wait for this detox thing to go now . apart from that feeling good, but don't want to get cocky so just gonna continue taking this day by day :D

Tracey x

tracey - Free and Healing for Fifteen Days, 9 Hours and 34 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 2 Days and 3 Hours, by avoiding the use of 616 Stinky Fags that would have cost me £153.47.

4 Replies

  • Well done, you are doing brilliantly.

    Taking it day by day is great but I also like to look forwards too.

    Hope the throat clears soon, I've had it and know how annoying it is.



  • Go Teamie! Great Result and I am pleased to be joining you in the three week club!

    We are getting there! COME ON!!!! :D

  • Well done, Tracey! Keep up the good work! :D

  • Well done Tracey and Chris.... fantastic.

    Just behind you on day 12..... lets all keep it up :D

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