day 10

Well day 10 for me yay !!! so proud of myself for getting this far !! i had such a bad day yesterday just felt weepy and like giving in to that nicodemon but got loads of support from here and just stuck with it so thanks for all the support yesterday. Now for me yeterday was 100% worse than day 3 so with that feeling fresh in my head there is no way ever that i am going to start smoking again !!!!

Tracey x

tracey - Free and Healing for Ten Days, 6 Hours and 53 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 10 Hours, by avoiding the use of 411 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £102.50.

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  • Well done


    Your doing great your first few days/weeks are the tougher ones, but then reading on here this week it seems you need to keep that guard up for a long time. You sound very positive though so keep it up.

    I was such a moody cow my first weeks (and other will tell ya this) and then tearfull, then happy, then just okish, now Im in some limbo where on 2% of me thinks about a cig one day then 99% of me another - but i'm gunning for it.

    So well done and were here to support each other.

  • Good going Tracey

    Seems like yesterday was a bad'un for several of us.

    Wonder why!

    Keep it up.


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