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No Smoking Day
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Get out of here!!!

Chris - Free and Healing for Six Days, 13 Hours and 34 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 16 Hours, by avoiding the use of 197 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £57.14.

Looking forward to when the above reads Eight Days and I can move one more step up the ladder towards that penthouse (long way to go I know). Things are going well today - was worried as was up at 4am to go to Bratislava with work and the airport used to be a major source of smoking - you know the drill - cram as many in before going to departures as possible - what a lovely thought - but think I was mentally prepared for it this time - thats another trigger that has been banished!

Will be so pleased to be at 7 days tonight - this is my first serious quit attempt (the last one lasted a massive 48 hours and was done on a whim!). I know that maybe I am counting some chickens here - but I feel like an ex-smoker now.

Anyway enough of that - cheers and good luck to everyone!

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Great to hear its going well, keep up the positive attitude!

One thing that I've found is I need to do is to keep up the momentum.

In the 1st couple of weeks it had a kind of new and exciting feel, then it changed to normal and if I hadn't had this place to post on I think I would have found it much more difficult to stay focused.

Have a good trip!




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