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Does water help?


I attended the SSC today with my quit date arranged for next Monday so that i can "prepare myself " in advance,after doing a carbon monoxide test i decided to make tomorrow the big day as i was quite shocked at the reading. I have been told that sipping water can help as can chewing gum. I have read posts where water has helped and can only hope that it does for me too.Today is my last day for smoking and tonight i will go to bed wearing a patch and an inhalator under my pillow and wake up in the morning as a non smoker.

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hiya and welcome :D

drinking water flushes the crap out quicker (so im told), and it stopped me eating so much!

read around the forum for tips, there are some good ones that will help.

good luck

Hi Sue

Welcome you will get good support here so keep posting look forward to getting to know you. Linda xxxxxx

Hi Sue,

Welcome to the forum. Really excellent suggestions above. As Jude so delicately put it water does wash out all the crap from your body as your body repairs itself. Drinking water is a good thing anyway 'cos most of don't actually drink enough in the first place. Eating vitamin c products also help to balance things out too. One of the great tips from a forum member was to put green grapes into the freezer and once frozen suck on them. I was sceptical at first but yummy, really tasty. :D

None of the above take away the craves but are beneficial to your body and I suppose diversionary. When the craves come it's good to have a list of diversionary tactics up your sleeve.

Best wishes on your quit.

C :)

Good luck on your decision to quit tomorrow.:)

Well done Sue,

We're all here for you when you need us!


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