No Smoking Day

My Day Two

Well i posted my first thread on Sunday the day before i gave up. Today is day two and im actually loving it. My sense of smell is incredible its unreal i can smell things from my bedroom which is in another room.

I was getting a little teary on day one though havent touched NRT im on Chubba Chubbs and chewing gums already.

Today, my asthmas a little bad very wheezy hit the gym this am to start making it a little better and have never felt so good in my life.

I cant believe i havent done this before. And my worrys about putting on weight i dont think its going to happen im not getting any type of craving at all. Not stressed out BUT im not at work yet until Thursday so were see.

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Well done Kelly, keep up the good work :)


Well done your doing great keep up the good work,

drink plenty water to flush out nic.:)


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