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Team 428?

Hello all

Hows everyone getting on?

I really believe im over it all now but still ready for any explosions that may come my way lol. Ive been through so much since quitting and managed to pull through it al without having a smoke so i honestly believe for the first time ever im an ex smoker lol.

How is everyone else getting on? I do pop in and out all the time but its not very often i see any of you. Where have you all gone? ;)

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Hi Sara

So pleased your feeling so good thats fab news. 4 full months onwednesday for your team congrats to you all. Love to see whos still going strong. Linda xxxx


Thanks guys :D

Mojo we`re not the only ones left are we surely? :confused:


hey Sara nice to see you and that ur doin so well congrats

hi mojo u kept that quiet bout the gum really well done i know u struggled before

congratulations to u both and any other 428's out there



hi sara.

your looking good. it will get better as time go on. a very well done.



well done everyone 4 months tomorrow, your all great quitters.:)


Come on peeps its 4 months today where are we all?


Congratulations on your 4 months free of this evil weed.

Well done:D


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