No Smoking Day

hello peeps

Well!! here I am thanks to you great folk, I cant thank you enough, never thought I'd make it to here. I've noticed I'm not thinking of cigs as much and when I do it's not a crave just a distant memory. As a treat my hubby is taking me to New York in October for 4 days and I intend to spend some of the money I've saved from not smoking. Just need to loose the half a stone I've put on. If I can stop smoking I'm sure losing the wait should be a walk in the park:)

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Ooooh You lucky person going to NY!!! I loved it there when I went. Its sooooooooo biggggggggggg. You feel like a lil tiny ant.

A big fat pat on the back for your 3 months. Thats wicked awesome! (thanks vike haha)

Have a lovely trip cooper, you deserve it :D


hi cooper.

well done for geting to month 3, all the hard bits are done now. just look

forward to things geting some what easy from now on.. :D

and really happy about other half takeing you to NY:)

take care. and best of luck,


ps: barb hope things are going well,



Ahhhh!! Bless you all and thank you all for those kind supportive words, I do feel things are getting easier, I've noticed it in the past week, the longer you go the more confident you become, I have to be honest though I'm not in contact with smokers many so maybe that's helped, don't know what I would have been like if there was a smoker at home.


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