Hi All, Can I Come In Please

Hi everyone.

just starting month 3. am i in here with you all now. hope so.

feel really good with now. not worry one bit about smoking, dont even feel

nervous any more. over all the bad bit now [I HOPE ]

hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoying all this sun we are geting.

be back later. take care,


4 Replies

  • well done Alan :D

    your doing great !

  • Well done Alan

  • Hi Alan, see you in there on Saturday so keep it tidy please! :);)

  • thank-you all for making me welcome. just wish someone came over with me.

    but they will be back soon. so how is it in room 3. give me the low-down on

    every-thing. just jokeing;)

    looking forward to being with you all.. take care


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