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Hi all, im now on day 23 and feeling like poo :( I am still on the lozenges and I am coping with the cravings but im feeling very very low.

If you read my ealier threads you would see that my dad was rushed to hopital and has been diagnosed with having pancreatitus, well he has now been moved to the critical care ward as his kidneys are not functioning right.

I am finding it very very hard to get through the days without my ciggy companion. Even my hubby has noticed that I am just not my normal self. I feel very down and just cant be bothered with anything.

I have a real "what's the point?" attitude that i just cant shift.

Am I mad?? this cant all be down to the ciggies?? as I am on NRT. What do I do?? I just want to be me again.

Thanks for listening

Belinda x x x

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I'm sorry you're having such a crappy time at the moment & I hope your dad starts feeling better soon.

The one mantra I took from this forum while in the early days of my quit was:

"Would having a cig make anything different/better"

It ALWAYS works for me - It immediately takes away those craves.

I hope today treats you well;)

Hi Belinda,

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time.

Depression certainly can be a side-effect of stopping smoking. It very much depends exactly what the smoking was covering up, and your particular physical make-up.

Try to take care of yourself..Vit B can be good. You probably don't feel like eating and drinking well, but the better you care for yourself in simple ways, the more you lessen the severity of the pull towards 'nothing is worth doing'.

It is going to be a tough time with your Dad being ill. Best of luck with it and remember, it will be even more miserable one minute after you smoke a cigarette...That's FOR SURE!!

All the best...

Bill X

Hello Belinda - Sorry to hear about your Dad and hope things look better soon.

I can only agree with the others that having a cig now would not make anything seem better. My mum has always said that when I'm feeling down or things aren't going too well to go and have a bath and a bloody good cry or scream and shout until the cravings pass. Another one is to go for a walk round the block for some fresh air.

I hope this helps and I've not completely lost the plot and again I hope things start to look better for your Dad.



Thank you for all your advice, I am still off the fags. I think (as silly as this sounds) I am mourning the loss off the old me, and dont know really who the new me is, the old me was the life and soul of any party, but at the weekend we had a barbeque and I felt lost. Im trying not to be to hard on myself as I realise smoking is a habit I had been doing 30 times a day for 20 years, But I just feel empty.

Thank you for all your kind wishes with regards to my dad, Unfortunaly he looked even worse when I went to visit him last night, as was having a blood transfusion.

Thank you all for being here.

Belinda x x x

Hi Belinda

So sorry about your troubles My son has had pancreatitus twice so i know its a worry mind my son has a big drink prob. Just a thought but you could try st johns wort I take one a day because i get depressed they may take a time to work but are doing the trick for me. My thoughts are with you babe. Linda xxxx ps one good thing you can stay in the hospital now with out wanting a bloody fag HEHE

How are you today Belinda?

Please remember "This too shall pass", and having a cigarette would/could only ever make you feel 100 times worse!

It will get better. The "Old Belinda" will re-emerge, and she will be wiser, stronger, and HAPPIER than ever before. Believe me.

(((hugs))) for you and your Dad

hi belinda

sorry your having a rough time right now, i think we have all had some at one time or another, i felt soooo miserable at one point and although smokin didnt make me happy not smoking made me bloody miserable - but it soon passed, when everything else is in order try and find a new pastime that will use physical energy and prove to yourself that you are much fitter than you were before - it helps to make you feel more positive about the quit.

Good luck



Sorry to hear about your dad Belinda, that can't be helping how you feel. I think the depression feeling is part of the quit, its more the feeling of a loss. I have been quit 3 month and can remember exactly how you're feeling, it does go and you feel FREE and its a fab feeling. Stick with it!!

Hey, Belinda, how ya doin'?

Hope all is well with you and your Dad.

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