No Smoking Day

Beware smokers HATE you!!

I am posting this on every forum - it is so significant, it is something i have experienced again and again and again in my journey to freedom and even whilst I have been free itself.

I have been offered cigarette after cigarette by smokers all the time, when i have been out getting drunk there are occasions a smoker will try and almost force feed me a cigarette - especially when they are drunk too and especially girls.

i am NOT the only person that has experienced this, it has been experienced by many 'now' non smokers i have spoken to.

BEWARE these poor weak souls are attempting to hang on to you, they want to know attempting to quit is futile because they want to quit and can't or won't. They are doing everything they can to reassure themselves, to make themselves feel better and more comfortable as smokers.


Do Not Smoke, the pain of going from a puff to a fag to 2 smokes to a pack of 10 to a pack of 20 is very very easy to fall back in. Please do not let it happen; you never know in the long run it may also help the insecure smoker trying to force feed death to you to give up too.



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