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Starting to HATE smokers !!

I told myself when I stopped that I would never become "that guy", the one who looks down his nose at smokers and gives them a look of disgust when he spots them lighting up. However, I am starting to get some really strong emotions against smokers now when I see them, I just cant help it. I was walking down the street the other day and a man blew smoke right into my path and I felt like it was a physical assault on my person, I actually wanted to punch him and Im not usually a violent person.

There's a group of smokers who take up the entire pavement on the other side of the road to where I live (there's a large office there and they are all made to smoke off premesis) again I have to try really hard not to say something when I walk past them now, I usually just scowl at them as if they have just committed some horrible crime. How DARE they make me breathe their filthy smoke after Ive gone through hell to stop from breathing in toxic fumes.

I hope this will go away, I'm not a hateful person and its hugely hypocrytical of me to have these emotions against people who are only doing exactly what I was doing half a year ago!

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I can relate to what your saying - I'm finding it really hard to be with my mates - most of whom all smoke, as i just cant seem to stand far enough away from them. Im still in the early stages of quitting and especially on a still day the smoke just seems to be everywhere. I cant get away from it and its getting to the point where I just dont think i can see them until my resolve is a bit stronger. tragic but true, i might just have to be a recluse for a while or use the phone!


Hi JamesG,

I also understand how you are feeling. Don't get me wrong, it's not the person I have a problem with as such but now that I know exactly what each of those nasty little blighters was doing to me I don't want to have it inflicted on me by someone else.

My CO2 was up (only a little bit) when I saw the nurse next week & that was from breathing other peoples smoke.

Gaynor xx


I don't hate them - I feel sorry for them.

The vast majority of them, and I strongly beleive this, would quit if they knew how easy it was. (I know, I know - it's difficult... but it's only difficult for a short time and let's face it, it's nowhere near as hard as we thought it was).

I think most of them feel trapped - as I did, unable to quit. Most of them will dislike themselves for not being able to stop something that they know will kill them.

Of course, they will argue that they smoke because they enjoy it - or because they want to. "It's my one vice", "my one pleasure". They beleive, as I did, that a smoke is the magic drug to make you calm - or to make you happy... or even to cure stress and help you concentrate. It's worth the health risk for these magic properties.

Of course, as we all know - smoking does nothing for anyone. When you quit you figure it out. You are less stressed, less anxious, more energetic, calmer, more focussed, etc etc etc.

And they pay a fortune for the priviledge.

Yes, I feel sorry for them....


Hi James :D

I understand exactly where you're coming from from, please try not to hate them, rather pity them for what they are nicotine addicts just as we all were not so very long ago after all

They just haven't managed to work up the courage or willpower as yet to quit, hopefully they will one day again just as we all did and fight this dreadful addiction


Marg xxxxxxxx


Flipping heck James, should we bring back the death penalty?

Can't you just be proud of yourself and think, "There but for the grace of God"


smelly smokers

ewww! after walking round the corner on the way into work and getting a face full of smoke Im not a fan of smokers myself lately.

my boyfriends little girl goes to visit her mum every tues and friday and she has to be bathed and all clothes washed cos both her mum and her boyfriend smoke in the house and she comes back stinking. then last night a nurse cam to visit my boyfriend and she must have been a very heavy smoker as the smell of her lingered in the house for ages. Yuk! I hope that I didnt smell like that but I probably did. It was like the smell of cigarettes was ingrained in her skin!


Hiya folks. I agree with everything everyones said. What I meant was its an illogical emotion (as spock would say ;) ) but one I can not help. I would never genuinly wish any harm to smokers and I know most of them would probably rather not be smoking, I just cant help my emotion about it at the moment which is fleeting when I see a group of smokers. Could it be some form of false envy? possibly. Again illogical however quite possible.

Thanks for the replies folks, I shall continue to ponder.

@ Davofgy, please dont misunderstand me, I KNOW its wrong to feel like that and Im trying to do something about it, hence posting here.


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