No Smoking Day
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Afternoon everyone

Hi All.

How are we today. i have now stop taking my Lozenge for two weeks now

feel good so far. just so nice not smoking. and now its look like son-in-law may

be giving-up. been 7 days so far for him. he said [never thought i see the

day when you ever give-up] so maybe some good have come

from me giving up.:D your all doing so well.

best of luck to everyone, take care

Alan :)

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thanks a lot.

feel so much better. had few family & friends over saturday night for my

birthday, went really well. and the one who smoke gave up because of me.

so that made me very happy. so its show that others are watching us to see

how we do. and im really please with my self for helping some-one give-up ;)

we are all doing so well, take care



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