No Smoking Day

Less cravings but worse!

Oh dear - I nearly had a fag last night. I just kept on thinking one would be okay. Just for the taste. Although I'm getting less cravings when I want a ciggie I really have to fight it off. I feel bored with not smoking. It's a bit like an experiment to see if I can give up. But the experiment is over and I've proved I can give up so can I have a ciggie now please? I guess the real challenge is staying off them. I know all this but it's not making it any easier. Today is particularly bad. Any comment would be welcome. Arghhh!:mad:

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Tam, just try to distract yourself, these feelings are normal but you have to let it pass, you will feel better soon, promise! ;)


i know what you mean, ive had days like this when ive proved i can do it,

but we all know we can never ever have one puff.

keep strong, you have done so well, try to keep busy , remember what you did when you craved in your first few days.


Try not to be drawn into the vicious circle Tam. Break the cycle now and be done with the horrid weed. Nicotine has such an amazing hold on us its unreal. Its not until we try to stop that we realise this. I know how you feel Tam, what you described is exactly how I have felt in the past. As you say, its just Nic trying to claim you again. Don't do it. You're going to have to go through this to finally be free of the nasty weed. Don't keep putting yourself through it.

Good luck


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