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Carr's Easyway - An investigation

Afternoon all,

As I'm sure many of you also do, on one of my journeys around the web looking into smoking and related topics I came across an interesting article that I'm sure should garner some interest (this used to be Catwomans job, lol where is she:))

It specifically looks at investigating the supposed high success rates of the Easyway clinics, and took place in the mid 90's. Personally I think it makes very interesting reading, but as the report itself states maybe shouldnt be taken completely as fact as there were only 19 test subjects.

If anyone has been to a Easyway clinic (I know most of us have read the book) it would be interesting to read your comments.

Rather the C&P it in here, here is the link :

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I have to agree with John. Although I have never been on a course of his (Carr's, not John's haha) I am one of the millions that have read, and still reading, his book.

I swear it has changed my thinking. Subconsciously. I have never felt like this before. Today, I have had cravings come and go. However, when I am actually having the craving, I DON'T WANT a cigarette. How weird is that? I put it down to the Allen Carr book. It is kinda repetitive sometimes and I think it has got through to my subconscious and consequently making this quit more of an easy ride. I'm on day 3 btw.


Good comments. And i'm glad, in John, we have someone who's been to a clinic to add their thoughts.

I'm not knocking Carr at all with this thread just thought it was an interesting article/study.


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