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Hi there and good morning.

I was going to PM you all but then decided i would post it instead.

I want to wish you luck in your quit but I am sorry i will not be able to post here anymore. i am not willing to be insulted by people that dont know me.

I have tried to stay polite and if I continue to be part of this forum I may well say things that a lady shouldnt.

I will continue to quit, I dont want to ever smoke again so you dont have any worries there.

Good luck to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Cheers Flippy and good luck, I wont even try to do the "don't go" speech, you have made up your mind over the last couple of posts.

Stay strong



That's a pity.

Good luck with your quit...hope to hear from you, though, sometime....

Bill X

Aw.. pants! :(

Good luck Flippy, stay with it.. you know where we are if you ever need us! You're still in the 428 team in spirit!!

Take care! x :D


Flip thats not good, im slowly being deserted :( where`s all the old timers that made me strong enough to keep quitting everytime i messed up :(

Please Flippy, Boudee, Buffy and everyone else please come back, whoever it is thats winding you up, we`ll tell them to bugger off. Please i need you all :(

Aw Flippy, Hugs to you. I myself have felt like leaving on the odd occassion but I am abit too nosey. lol. Come back and let us know how your doing xx thanks for your support over the past few months. ooooo i just noticed something. ;)

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