No Smoking Day
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Giving up for my Valentine

Morning everyone

I'm all patched up and ready to give it another go. Awww it itches, does anyone else have an itchy patch? LOL.

Got a Swarovski crystal butterfly, two bouquets, a box of choccies and a bottle of champers as well as a very romantic and gooey card from my Valentine.

Aaaah how luck am I ??

Good luck Lou. You are starting today aren't you?

Cess xxx

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Good luck Cas

You lucky thing all nice prezzys

On my last quit I used patches If you give them a shake before you put them on they dont itch. Hope it works for you. Hope day one is a walk in the park. Linda xxxx


Hi Cessania

Have a lovely day and congratulations on your first day as a non smoker. Don't be too scared and enjoy :)

As for the patches - personally I could not stay on them on my attempt with them some years ago because of my eczema but patches may have evolved since? Current users may be able to confirm if this is a normal side-effect?



Hey Cess!

What a lovely start for you to Day 1!! Good on ya & CONGRATULATIONS!

Good luck, stay focused and happy - it'll be a breeze!!! :D


Well done lady sa, try the shaking them. some have used antihistamines, thats medication for allergies. but stick with it, parddon the pun ha ha ha!! the itch wears off in a short while i found. Good luck love xxx :)


Morning Cessania..Great prezzies...My husband used the patches and said they did itch when he first put it on, but went ok after a few mins....

Good luck:)


My itch has gone away now, no great urges to smoke yet either, feeling relaxed.


My itch has gone away now, no great urges to smoke yet either, feeling relaxed.

WHEY thats great lady your pic. they are soooooo sweet. xxx :)


GOOD LUCK CESS!! :DI am sticking with my original plan of Monday 18th. I'm not weeding out on ya but I know if i rush back in i will be thinking that I should have stuck with the plan. Something that I've never really had.

Your a lucky girl getting all those pressies from your valentine. I got a box of thorntons. but you can bet your life i will end up with whats left. Putting my foot down. THERE MINE!!!!



good luck with the quit - and congrats on getting such lovely valentines gifts.



Hi Boudee

You mean there's alchohol in these things??

Would have stuck 'em on years ago:D


Good luck...the patches itched me too, but there's lots of alternatives. I use a puffer


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