No Smoking Day

6th day

Hi all,

No more urge to smoke but still the anger on whom I love for very small reasons is there.I am all aware that I am geting anger for no good reason but still raise my voice at my kid and feel very bad myself for behaving like that.I love my children a lot.They are my motivation to stop smoking but the fact is they don't know what I am undergoing and my kid still asks that 'dad r u not feeling well?'(As when ever I show some anger on him, after some time I go to him and say sorry and that I wasn't well and shouted like that.Then he says its OK.)

On the other hand, on day 3 of smoke free when I told my wife that its my third day,she smiled sarcastically and said tell me after 1 year.That I didn't expect from her.I thought she will praise me.Then as usual we had a row.I said that I shouldn't have told to you and I never expected any support or anything from you for which she was very upset and says that you don't want to share things with ur wife, u say that u don't get support from me then go to them who supports you this n that n bla bla bla......

Then on day 4 she says so is it fourth day?I said how that does matter.No its not 4th I smoked I said for which again she had a discussion that you hurt me yesterday saying that u don't expect ne support or nething from me this n that.But I was patient enough and ignored her talk.

Now its 6th day,I didn't had a puff and I am confident on my will power now that I will not go for one as I already crossed those 2 instances.

Feeling fresh in the mornings.

Sorry for boring you all with this stuff.But I can only share everything here as I feel all this is because of no smoking.If I was a smoker I would have smoked and thought about it during my smoking and that's it forget about it.So that's how I felt that everything I shared with my ciggy.Normally I am such a kind of person who never share things a lot.

But no I am not going to smoke again.Trying to being strong.

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I can sympathise with feeling anger - although in my case it seems to be nothing to do with smoking, I'm just moody!

Don't take this the wrong way but you seem to be blaming your moods and decision to smoke or not on your wife. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong but that's how it comes across. If you have a bad day or an argument and smoke that's still your decision - not the person you argued with. Or am I just talking poo?!

Anyhoo, best of luck with it and hope you feel a bit calmer soon.


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