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Missed the Bus but getting on today!


hello everyone and congrats on all your quits. It gives me great inspiration. Anyway, got off to a cruddy start so am starting again today. Or I will be in about 1 hour. I know I should probably get rid of the 2 i have left, but I've done that so many times before and then found myself rumaging through the bin trying to stick them back together again:o after drying them out under the hairdryer. ewww not good. I've got my mp3 loaded with songs and am planning to dance around the house singing. (if i fill my head with music wont be able to think of anything else). I have now come to the conclusion after trawling the internet that there is no right/wrong/easy way to do this. I just have to get it done, as long as i dont sit and mope longing for something that I hate (and god i hate it soooo much) I will be able to get through. Any tips to get rid of the thoughts like online games or puzzles would be really helpful.. Thanks to you all in advance. Lou:D

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Youtube, facebook, King games, idiot test

Good Luck Looby Lou!!!!

:D x x x x

Thanks Buffy, Is it free to register and play on King. (not that im tight or anything). Its just that I registered with pogo last year and just noticed they took £30 out of my account last week. cheeky sods. :mad:

:eek: yes you can join for free ;)


I am a total music freak also and found during my first quit that music kept me going no end - those who remember suffered my ramblings about it all especially the scissor sisters as it is such happy music - sorry to Buffy and Boudee as they endured it all!!

So indeed I am getting the music ready again but bored of scissor sisters and back on to my favs The Stranglers - angry music to stick two fingers up to the smokey joes. You Tube is fab - Buffy popped the link on I noticed - you can check so much out and have a great trip of nostalgia.

Well done on your quit smileyonline.free.fr/images...


I see your going cold turkey

have you thought about using patches or gum or something to help you?

Hi Yo Yo, funny you should mention that, cos I do really need some help. Not doing to well on my lonesome. Am going to pop to the chemist first thing tomorrow to get something. Not into the patches though as had really bad dreams last time I had them. Might give the lozengers a try. Did really good yesterday, but then for some reason went to the shop of 9.50pm. Didn't even have a good reason for it. just that I "wanted one" how silly as I havn't wanted them for the past 3 months. Mind tricks. :mad:

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