Day 19 :) still going strong!

Hi all i'm back!


Im on top of the world again this morning and it's due to a number of things really,

It's Friday

I booked Monday off as it's my 22nd

Monday is also pay day

I have had two pay rises totaling an extra £5k per annum

I can breathe better

I can smell and taste things again

I'm an ex smoker

and i have you lot to thank for getting me here :)

have a wonderful day everyone! i hope your all staying positive :)

This will be my last post until Tuesday so have a cracking weekend all! stay safe, and distracted and just keep saying "i CAN do this"

xx xx xx xx

3 Replies

  • hi jimmy happy friday :) hope you have a good weekend mate woooo week four next week.

  • Hello,

    I am also on Day 19 and feeling pretty good about the whole not smoking game! Seems to be going well and handling the cravings okay. Congrats to everyone else who is at this stage too.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  • I'm on day 17.

    Have a happy weekend!!!!

    I'm going out tommorrow night, first night out since i stopped so will be a test for me.

    But i too am feeling quite good now + i intend on taking lollys, mints + chewing gum with me! you can't smoke in pubs anymore anyway (thank the lord!)


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