No Smoking Day

my cigs have been discontinued

:eek: my b/f went to 7 stores to scoop up last of cigs he could find!! this is very scarry though because i really dont want to quit right now but every other brand makes me sick headaches etc. very frustrating like an addict that can only get dirty drugs:( i have 3 packs left then i will be at cvs buying patches has worked for me in the past I am afraid of gaining the weight also :mad:

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We may find that more and more brands are discontinued as more and more people free themselves. Then the government are gonna be looking at stinging everyone for more dosh to replace the lost revenue.


You can always convince yourself that it's not the right time, that you'll stop but you'll do it later. Cheryl this is such a good opportunity to quit, really hope you make the most of it. Good luck x


thanx for the encouragement

One more pack left ! :mad: must start being more active because i know my appetite is going to go crazy:( I have to say though i like the dreams with the patches :) great now I'll be addicted to the patch:eek:


Cheryl, do it NOW. Don't wait until it makes you ill, like I did. I had all the excuses - It's not the right time - I've too much work on - Need to sort X problem out - Going on holiday, cigs are cheap in Malta.

Don't put it off. If I can do it, believe me, anyone can.


buying my patches 2 nite!

sunday will be my day 1 thanx keeping my chin up!!:)


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