No Smoking Day

When is a mate not a mate?

OH and I went over to Birmingham on the train Saturday night to meet up with friends, we had a good night, and didn't really miss the fags at all - I think the smoking ban in pubs has made a real difference. Anyway, at the end of the night, our friends gave us a lift back to the train station as usual, and I couldn't believe it when the git lit up a cigar as soon as we were all in the car :eek:. He hadn't smoked all night, guess he didn't want to go and stand outside by himself, and we'd mentioned that we'd both given up, so I just can't believe how thoughtless/selfish he was. And this is a guy we've known for 20 years, I'm godfather to one of his boys, but I just feel so angry that he couldn't wait another 10 minutes until we'd been dropped off before lighting up.

Rant over, thanks for listening

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Well done on a good old jolly up and no smoking! :D

Sorry about your mate :mad: I agree that was thoughtless! I would imagine it would of crossed his mind, smoking in a confined space with two ex smokers, it isn't rocket science is it?!

I take it you and the other non smoker had a word or two to say after he'd gone? :D

Hope it didn't ruin the week end for you x x

maybe you can find a way to offend your mate innocently :rolleyes:

~Buffy x x


I don't mind little reminders like that now ...

Little reminders of how disgusting smoking really is and how I so don't want to be going back there :)


I can remember the selfishness of being a smoker all too well. I am sure he didnt do it to be nasty he just didnt think. The nicotine thought just took over.