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No Smoking Day
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*RAWR*! Day 15

Hi everyone!!

I made it through another weekend and im not onto the start of week 3! woohoo!

Im feeling so much better its totally amazing! thank you all for the wonderful support i couldn't have gotten this far without you lot i know i still have a long, long way to go, but i know i can do it because i know theres people there :)

a HUGE thank you to you all, today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year! :confused:

bugger that i say! have a fantastic Monday all of you :D

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Well Done Jimi

15 days thats great I find the weekends the worse also. But we are still here. Rock on. xxxx


woooo well done jimi i made it as well, saturday was a bit tricky as i was in the boozer but managed to resist, cant believe its week 3 already.


Well done andy! thats awesome news mate! i had to turn down a trip to the pub yesterday... but that was only because the girlfriend had the house to herself ;)

that AND the fact i dont like that particular pub :D


Third week already so soon ...

The fist hours were a real drag ...

Then the days beginn to fly by ...

Pretty soon it'll be the weeks,then the months, and then the years that are flying by :)


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