Hi All

Hi everyone

I have decided to try and give up again i did quit for 3 weeks over the christmas and new year put started smoking again last week.Over the last 2 years i have become a bit of a serial quitter did stop last year for 8 weeks but as always i failed again.I am given it another go hopefully this will be the time i quit for good.This is my first day and i stubbed out my last fag last night and i am using the patches.

Best wishes


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  • Welcome Dave

    Congrats on trying again come here and get support. We are all doing the same thing so can help each other. xxxxx

  • hi Dave, good luck on giving up, im new here myself, im on champix and tomorrow is my quit day, we can shout at each other!! :)

    jude x

  • Hi Dave!

    Snap! My first day with patches too!

    Hope you do it this time but don`t quit quitting if you don`t.

  • Hi Jude, you will not need to shout. I have found, with champix, that it has far exceeded my expectations. Easier by far than l expected. :) You WILL DO IT, l have every confidence in you. If you find that at some times of the day it's getting a bit much, come on here and we will talk it through with you. Remember, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. :):)

    Love Josie xxx

  • Thanks for messages of support everyone and good luck to jude on you quit tommorrow.

    Best wishes


  • hi Dave, hows it going for you

    jude x

  • Hi jude im doing great another good smoke free day for me.

  • Well done dave!! another day under your belt :D

    Stay strong x x

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