No Smoking Day

12 day

This is how i see things on my 12th day,for the first few days i had huge cravings that seemed to last all day but for the last few days i have had no cravings as such,i guess the nearest thing i can compare to how i have been feeling the last couple of days is the feeling you get when you have been dumped by a loved one,your thoughts would be full of the ex and you would muddle through the day knowing full well you have to move on,so if i compare a ex to nicotine then time is the only thing that will make us better,its very hard for us to tell others how we feel during withdrawals because we are all fighting our own battle against a common enemy,

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Morning Phill

You are right. My youngest son said to me last year when i quit. That I had learned to live without my mum so I could easyly live without fags. (she pastaway & we was very close).linda xxxx


Hi Phil, well done for getting to Day 12, that's brilliant! Good luck with your battle, keep it all going.:D


well done

well done phil you can do it :) just keep saying no more puffs im a non smoker:D


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