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Dibs on Month 4

I think dossydo and I have just finished our third month...we now enter month four.

I don't know about you, dossy, but I think I've got this thing beat. Sure, there are craves, but I'm practiced at getting over them. I don't think about buying cigs any more. They stink when I smell someone who is smoking one. More than anything else, I just can't be bothered with cigarettes any more.

I really feel relief: I'm done with those things.

Rob W

Quit: 18 October 2007

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Well done to you both. Bet it feels really good. xxxx


Awwww thanks mates. and well done Robw. we on a very strange journey arnt we ? some days i forget i ever smoked and then a day hits me i can think of nothing else, but im only into 3rd week nicotine free. i used patches. i have to wonder should i have gone the Alan Carr way, but i doubt i would have ever had the strengh to go cold turkey, even typing it gives me the shivers now and i am doing it. wierd or what? there i go again rambeling ahhhh ! :confused:


Congrats to Rob and Dossy !!


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