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No Smoking Day
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First Day Of Week 2

And I am having trouble sleeping, so I went and bought some Kenco decaff today see if that helps, it tastes nice at least.

Thoughts of smoking dwindling, knowing something is different, but not always remembering what it is that has changed. Sometimes it helps to be a bit stoopid I guess.

Have saved £55.72, but treated myself to about £100 of things to make up for my situation, hopefully will stop doing that soon. It is like I go in a shop and see something and my brain says, go on you deserve it you quit smoking you have saved money, you can have it. So I keep buying things. Healthy things mind, I was tempted by a steamer and a juicer in Lloyds yesterday and some looovely skin cream today, plus I have been buying organic free range groceries which cost about twice as much but Jamie Oliver has really got to me.

Oh well, my spending binges will cease when my bank statement comes i expect.

For now anyway, very pleased still not smoking and forgetting about it, which is what I am most pleased about.

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Hey, Chandri! Congratulations on a week of being smoke-free, keep it up:) I'm only a few days ahead of you, as I'll be at the 14 day milestone tomorrow.

I always say organic veg is exactly the same as normal veg, but with more dirt on it :D:D

Good luck,


reduced muddy veg

Lol@muddy veg

(Its not though)

I am way to lazy to buy veg that is not preprepared, anyway I have a secret way to get it cheap, I buy it daily from local supermarket and go in at the time of day I know they are reducing stuff. So many bargains, so little time.


Well done your doing great. Your not the only one to be spending more than your saving i am doing it too.

I have trouble sleeping and i have been taking Nytol one a night tablets. I find they do help.


I Have trouble sleeping too and take nytol. But need to be up by 5 30 and am most tired in the mornings Lol

WEll done both of you Linda xxx


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but decaff coffee is not going to do an awful lot to make you sleep better (although it might be better for your health to reduce your caffeine intake). I quit caffeine completely at the same time as giving up smoking and I still had a terrible time sleeping for the first week or so. Sorry! :(


Well done Chandri ...

That's day 7 behind you, things will get better from here on in


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