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No Smoking Day
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Just joined day8

This is my 4-5th attempt at quitting but feeling very chuffed as I have never managed beyond 4 days before and I am now at day 8. Using the patches this time and find they make a huge difference. Cold turkey is just not for me. My boyfriend refers to the last time I went cold turkey as black sunday. I am glad to say that this time I have not threatened to kill anyone :).

The only downside is I am eating like a pig. Any advice on weight gain??

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Hi Joe

Welcome and congrats on your 8 days best thing is just do one thing at a time. Deal with the weight later you will get great support here keep posting Linda xxxxxxxx


Hi ya Joanne welcome :)

Good luck with the quit.

As for the weight gain it is natural only advice i can really give is if your eating more as most of us do try getting a bit more exercise if possible even if its only half an hours walk a day.


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