No Smoking Day
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Woo Woo day 7 feels good

I feel great today - after 6 days of being sooo grouchy and accumilating the nicname of Mr Burns from my mates, I finally feel liike I can be nice to people again!!!

I'm still having very bizzare dreams and not sleeping very well, but the benefits of being a non smoker are becoming more apparent every day.

I've even lost weight (3 pounds) rather than put weight on which is a big bonus. I think its because i'm not drinking as much to avoid the temptation of smoking.

I have replaced my nicotien with copious amounts of caffine but I can deal with that later.

To anyone just starting out - keep going it does get easier - and even just yesterday I didnt think it would

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Hey Kev, Day 7, look at you go! well done mate.. You're right it does get easier.. Keep it going, we're all roottin' for ya :D


Well done there, day 7 that's a milestone and you should be finding it all down hill from here on :)


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