Getting by

Well here I am 9 weeks nicotine free now ;)

my survival list includes:

[*]Zyban (passing out and two days in observation)

[*]Being made redundant 21st December - after 25 years too

[*]A near broken back (legs, arms, head etc) skiing in Austria

[*]Christmas & New Year

[*]No1 sons wedding (including the power cut 1 hour into the reception)

[*]All the stuff I've forgot about

It's just got to be all down hill from here

3 Replies

  • very well done john. linda xxxxxxxx

  • You've got through all that without the cancer sticks/coffin nails? :eek:

    Just shows ya, dunnit? Well done you :D

  • Jesus thought I'd been through the wringer since quitting.

    Well done you!!!!

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