No Smoking Day

not impressed - day seven

today was pretty, excuse da language, sh*te!!!

felt weird all day for no real reason.

now i feel tired and angry!! again nt really fer a reason,well not that i can think off,could partly be coz of things been said to boudee, but i dunno *shrug*

college was ok i spose,usual kinda day so fun as always, but i kinda felt secluded like i was in my own world or sumat.

now actually come to think about it i still feel like it

only now im craving really bad fer a fag,but i won't give in coz i know its not worth it,my head says one thing an my body another.

plus boudee's all proud :D

right gonna go wash up ready fer da soaps.

hows u peps t'day then?


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Oh dumplin today you've completed your first week, you lil star - you're not allowed to feel down or angry :eek: I hope tomorrow will be better for you as you really need to enjoy every small progress you're making because each and every small progress means the world - we're so proud of you, you better be proud of yourself too ;) xxxx


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