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Day 2, slow and steady

Congratulations to all who made it through to day 2!

I too am on my second day today, i had my last cigarette at about 9:30pm Sunday night, and yesterday was hellish! my chest felt tight, i was wrestless etc.. all the usual symptoms, a couple of people told me to "cut down" and just have a couple but i knew that was the slippery slope to not giving up, this is the second attempt i had a go last year and only did five days and i was so disappointed in myself, but this time i am determined to do it,

and so, here i am on day 2, the symptoms from day 1 are here again with me but they are no where near as severe, just gonna take it one hour at a time and hope i make it to day 3 :)

im going cold turkey, the nicorette gum tastes like ash (probably the idea :D) and the last time i used patches it was the worst nights sleep i never had! they just didn't agree with me so im just going it the hard way this time!

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hi jimi well done on making it to day 2, im also on day 2, im doing as you said taking it at an hour at a time today, main symptoms today is im feeling really lightheaded, not really getting cravings but im sure they will come.


Thank you, i think one of the major contributing factors to not being able to give up was my friends, which sounds teribble but they all smoke and have done for years and whenever i say this is it, no more, they all jeer and do nothing at all for my self esteem, but my new girlfriend is behind me all the way and now i have found this forum it feels like just the thing i needed!

i have just been reading the posts in the 1st week/month and 6month forums and i cant wait to be posting there and supporting others :)


Thanks Robertb!

It feels good to have so much support, i know i can beat this thing this time :) *determined* *strengthens resolve*


Well, thats it for today! i finish work now, managed to stay strong and i haven't smoked depite having a stressful day!

looking forward to seeing Andy, Anna, and the others in day 3 - stay strong guys! goodnight all!


Well Done you are doing great. I admire anyone that can go cold turkey, i would find that impossible.

Well there are a few others here on day 2 too which always helps as you have others who are going through the same stage as you.

This forum is great and has helped a lot of people. Keep going and i bet all your mates will be really jealous of your being smoke free. You could even start a trend:)


well done jimi my day 2 has not been too bad, then again im taking my ex to B&Q tonight if i can survive that without a cig i can survive anything lol. see you in day 3


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