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Calling All Insomniacs

Where is everyone or are all you lucky sods away with the fairies ? come on wakey wakey its only 1:30 am :confused:

God why can't i sleep grrrrr i am now the official forum sheep counter (phew glad i got that bit right ;) )

ahh well back to it 1 2 3 4 5 6

night all sleep tight see you in the morning who wants egss with their bacon ?

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I'm still awake.....not for long though. Used to work nights, and now gone on to days, but still could easily stay up all night, never a problem for me.:D


i used to work nights as well. gotta try and get my head down soon, its a hard habit to break though. i like this time of day, its quiet.


well I guess this is for the people who work at night ... man I miss working at night. before I've been working at night its almost two years I've been doing that. When its time to go home I've seen people rushing through there jobs in the wee hour of the morning while me its the other way around going home with out any hassle. At night when every body is rushing to go home its the other way around for me its back to work at night were traffic is a hassle lol.


I am doing all days at the moment. I think it was time for me to give it up actually as i had been doing it for four years. I was completely exhausted all the time and it's bl''dy hard to sleep in the daytime! But yea, I sometimes miss it a bit(Not doing so many) The job i had there wasn't much to do at night. (Hotel receptionist-night manager) so i could just watch tv (bad tv ) all night and read books. Sometimes the boredom got to me though and it was damn hard not to fall asleep.:D


No Sleep

Thats just it i am not working nightsd i work days, No sleep at night scraping 2 or 3 hours at the moment and totally wrecked in the day .... but gonna be worth it in the end :):):)


My insomnia has got a lot better since i've quit.

Straight to sleep most nights now, and wake up feeling a lot fresher.

Hope the same happens to you too!


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