No Smoking Day

Oooh, I can officially post in Week 2

Today is day 8 :D Yesterday morning was pretty tough going for me. Not sure why. Perhaps the fact that it was my son's 10th birthday and he was having two friends round for a sleepover was enough to make me want to crave a ciggy :eek: I'd slept really badly the night before (forgot to take my champix after my evening meal, so stupidly took it right before I went to bed - urgh, never again). So I was tired, tearful and wanted to just slob on the sofa and have a fag:rolleyes: But with the aid of my lovely man and a couple of G&T's, I didn't give in - although I didn't trust myself enough to go to the shops! I know there'll be good days and bad days and I'm lucky that my good days have far outweighed the bad so far.

Can't quite believe I'm into week 2 now though. It's a weird (but good) feeling.

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Well Done on getting to week 2 :D


Inderellie you're doing just great, just think how your kid is benefiting from having a smoke-free Mom! :)

Don't worry about day 8, it's gone now, day 8 was horrible for me too, God I still remember it all too well but I tell you, it was the last REALLY terrible day I can remember ;) Stay strong, things are going to get easier and very soon!


Well done, once you get few the really hard parts it makes the next hard part a bit easier to cope with cos at least you know you can do it....Did that make sense :confused: :D


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