5 weeks done now into 6th week

5 weeks now done and dusted, had a fairly good week, although every so often the thought I want a cigarette is there, still walking every afternoon, although I've hurt my hip, (who said exercise was good for you anyway:D), looking forward to clocks changing get out and about more after tea etc, got a busy week coming up Parents evening and my daughter takes part in Rock Challenge (Google it) so performance is on Monday so mega loads of running her to rehearsals before then. Saving pot for Florida looking good, hope everyone is coping x

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  • Well done Jess, its true what they say it does get easier with time. Im coping great but like yourself every now and then I get the odd crave for a cig. Its just not gonna happen though.

    Im a non smoker, just like you..:)

  • 5 weeks well done

  • Hi Jess

    I was wondering how you were doing yesterday. Great news week 6 is really good especially as you seem to be handling it well. I am using the walking thing now and beginning to enjoy it. Thoughts of smoking come in but I know I won't do it. Though I am still turning down nights out at this stage 😞. Sure my confidence will grow to tackle that one in a few weeks!

  • Well done to you. Great going.

  • All is going great, that's truly fantastic, Just keep going.


  • How quickly those weeks have mounted up! Time flies......... X think you've done so well, it does get easier and it's good for our new quitters to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel x

  • Thank you everyone, yip still taking it day by day, but determined not to give in x

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