Oh Bugger!!

I fell.

On my seventh day Friday/Saturday 3 o'clock in the morning after a skinful. Why oh Why do I do it!

Anyway woke up Saturday after a couple of hours kip and would of been easy to go straight on it, but didn't.

Felt fragile all day Saturday and didn't go out, but was really wanting a smoke after dinner Sunday. So went down the pub for the night with smokers and then enjoyed myself without a smoke, and it's given me some confidence back. i.e I can enjoy myself, have a drink and still not smoke.

I'm rambling a bit I know, but had to get it off my chest.

In summary I stopped for 7 days, slipped and now back on day 3, and looking forward to not smoking for the rest of my life!

Well done everyone else!:cool:

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  • Heya fataxe x x x x

    Well done for staying smoke free after the blip x x x x you don't need to go back to day 3 because you had 6 odd smoke free days before!! and that is an achievement too!!

    We live and learn x x

    Onwards and upwards!!

    ~Buffy x x

  • Fataxe,

    well done you for getting back on it!!!!!!

    keep going hun, we are all here for you xxxxxxxxxxx

  • A Big Thank you

    Especially to buffy,Sandie & Boudee,

    What are we on Wednesday. oh yes, had a tough couple of days. I don't get the depression people speak about, irritable and cold sweats but not depression!!

    I have a couple of stressful days at work, alot going on, but then 3 weeks with my four year old son. Just me and him and a bit of travelling, can't wait.

    I will look in on friday and then probably wont be able to get to a terminal for sometime.

    I am sure I will still be a happy non-smoker when I return as I hope you all still will be.

    Advice to myself: Stop thinking smoking wasn't so bad, and remember it for what it was, a smelly,very expensive drug addiction that will almost certainly end in a frightful disease, with loss of quality of life and a shorter life.

    everybody Be strong, positive and happy!!


  • Oh wow!! 3 weeks with your boy!! :D

    Enjoy! that will help keep you smoke free x x

    The guilt of smoking in front of him etc :D hehehe

    Kids are amazing quit tools !!

    You have a wonderful time with him x x x x

    See you Friday first ;)

    ~Buffy x x

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