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No Smoking Day
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had a few cans tonight

had a few cans of lager tonight but missing the cigs strange not craving but always had a cig after a can so probably more of a habbit than need to smoke.

since i stoped smoking noticed a few things.

1,seem to have more time for peeps

2,toilet times seem regular lol

3,when i need to do something it gets done quicker (in the old days had to have a fag befor i would do anything i:e dish's, hoover etc)

4,have a few pangs but life is more happy

5,seem to like older music more than the modern clubbing stuff(which i did like)

6,never typed so much on my pc since i stopped.

7, broke my mp3 player cos music helps me forget (what was i trying to forget)

8,never used a forum to speak to peeps i didnt know (had to hide behind a ciggy to give me confidence for everything)

9,just keep rambling on

10, i think this song is so cool (have posted somewhere else)

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ha ha hoot had a few pints meself.... actually more than a few,, some fancy feaux german beer hall bs/// anyway managed not t o smoke one or two big craves and an almost major fight with a cabbie...which caused problem with my friend and I know I would not have picked without cigs but I was right:mad:

anyway that song is an oldie:D


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