day 7 feeling good

Would just like to say day 7 now and to be perfectly honest up to now i have only had one really bad day and that was day two, had a bad cough started on day 3 still have the cough but not too bad...the feeling that something is missing does come over me now and again but it is only for a few seconds..Each morning I feel so fresh and alive,especially after having a shower all the body products and perfume the smell lasts all day whereas when I smoked after having the first first cigarette that was all you could smell...So glad I decided to quit..Good Luck to everyone..behappyxx

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  • 7th day too

    Hi behappy,

    Well done on your 7th day;), and I'm giving myself a pat on the back as well because it's my 7th day!



    Breath in all that sweet air, Cushty.

    Speak to you on your next smoke free week.

  • Wooo Hoooo. Such a good feeling isnt it. You sound really positive, so well done.:)

  • way to go behappy it's great to feel alive isnt it

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