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No Smoking Day
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Joined a smoking cessation service yesterday

Hello again all just a quick update on my progress i joined a smoking cessation service yesterday 3 days into quitting using micro tabs.The thing i was happy about is it is working already i was asked to blow into a machine thing, sorry i dont know what the correct term for them is, anyhow the lady said because its my 1st time it will go red on the traffic light system but it didn't it only went amber a reading of 8.

I am finding it easier as the days pass its 85 hours now.

Good luck all stick with it if i can do it you can :p

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Well done Michael :D great improvements on the carbon monoxide already x x

This is one of the first benefits , as time passes there are so many more!!

85hours :D way to go!

The extra support from cessation will help loads, as you have to go prove yourself!!

Hope your feeling pretty pleased with yourself right now!! :p

~Buffy x x


Evening/morning Buffy

Yeah im feeling really good at the moment the cessation and this forum is helping me a great deal although i haven't posted much thus far i have been a avid reader of this forum and really enjoy it thanks. :cool::cool::cool:


Morning :eek:

Poop really should go bed :p

Glad you are enjoying it :D

Taking on board all the support you can does make life easier, going it alone kinda sucks :rolleyes:

M'off to bed!! lol

G'night sleep tight Michael x x

~Buffy x x


Hi Micheal.

I go to the smoking cessation too and use this forum and i am sure that both have helped me get this far.

Well Done for your commitment. Sounds like you are ready this time.

Keep updating us, it will help you.


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