No Smoking Day

Can i have a moan

I feel bad for moaning because i am on patches but I am finding this so bloody hard.:mad:

Its just not getting any easier. I really thought that by now i wouldnt be thinking about it so much but i am.

My patch fell off today and i turned into the devil women. I put a new patch on but still feel like i am going mad.

I want to do this and i am going to keep going but i dont want to feel this miserable any more.

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Aw Flippy dear you sure can have a moan you poor thing *hugs*

I'd love to say it's probably just a matter of time and tomorrow you'll feel great, but I am also very sure it's also a matter of how you really took this quit, I mean like a deprivation or like a liberation, a gesture of freedom and optimism or a gesture of regretful giving up? Because there's a helluva lot of difference, IMHO, between quit and quit, depending on your mind frame back then...There's even difference between methods, and I have no clue about patches, maybe someone else will be able to give you advice. I can only suggest watching a movie that will really make you laugh a lot - laughing will distract you, take that sadness away from your chest, and do all sorts of good to your system :D



Thanks for your reply. I do want to do this and am more determined that i have ever been before, i just hate this sad feeling.

You are right i should think of it as a liberation and i will.


Aw flippy course you can moan or swear or cry whatever!!!!

We are all here to support you WHATEVER YOU ARE FEELING .Never forget we re all going through the same thing only at different stages. Hope you feel bette after a good nights kip.Tommorrow is another day.......................


Thats why i joined this forum because i know that you lot are going through this too.

Thank you all so much.


*Big hugs*

Aw Flippy x x x x x x x

I promise you that you will not going to feel like this forever, when you get through you will feel so much better than before x x x

You have an sad feeling because it is like you have lost an old friend, albeit a toxic one!!

You have used smoking as a crutch for so long that now the crutch has gone you feel a sense of loss or even grieving x x

Old friends are gone but never forgotten you are doing a fantastic job and will continue to do so with shear strength and power!

However you feel, put a smile on your face and hold your head high, you have come so far and are a real trooper x x

~Buffy x x


I feel your pain!

Isn't it strange how one day you can do so well then others are just horrific. I was wondering if exposure to certain things are triggers. I have had great days and really, really bad days. I was thinking maybe I should start writing down what I have eaten and done during the day. Do you think certain foods could trigger??

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That's an interesting thought!! I reckon you could be right because I know craves are linked to glucose levels. regular water drinking is a good help too!


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