No Smoking Day

Hey Flippy!


Just wanted to make sure you know that you and I are now non-smokers!

We will be in day 13/14 when you wake up and that is something to be excited about!

Congratulations to you and your new life. Congratulations to knowing you have made it through the hardest part of the quit. Congratulations on the fact you only have another 7 days until the nicotine is 100% out of your body (99% exits after 72 hours, but it takes 3 weeks for it all to get out)

Regardless of what "quit smoking" method you are using, they all tend to agree you have to be prepared for the "bad day" around week 3 when that nicotine monster hiding in your body is suffering its final day. Be prepared, be strong, and lets party when we both hit the 2 months forum. :cool:

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Aww wow Thank you. Yep its day 13 for both of us today.

I am on the patches so i do still have nicotine in my system. I wish i could do cold turkey like you but i can't i would fail.

Thank you for thinking of me and let us both keep going, we can do this.


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