No Smoking Day

Check In Time

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd start a little thread so everyone on the no smoking campaign starting Tomorrow (Wednesday) can confirm whether they are on board or not... :D

Although I can think of a million excuses to postpone the big day, I am officially on board. From 23:59 hrs tonight no more smokes.

As far as I know Barb and Redkelly are gearing up for the Wednesday quit also.

Good luck everyone!!

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I'm on day 6 but I just want to wish you guys strength,determination and patience.:) GOOD LUCK!!!


Hi Gav.

Count me in. Officially on board.

Minus 5 hours and 35 minutes and counting.

I`m ready for 2morrow. Got patches .

I know what you mean about excuses. I have plenty but really want to do it this time.

Best of luck to us all.

Barb x

Thanks Kazza


Good Luck all! 383


hi gav im definately on board. see u and barb here in day1 room 2morrow. we can do this.:)


Well looks like we are a trio then...

Its 22:16 hrs and I only have enough tobacco for 1 more roll up...

Don't know whether I should be Happy :) or sad :(

Now this actually proves my point....

If I'd have stayed off the smokes back in July after stopping for 21 days I wouldn't be in this position now....

Maybe that should be my inspiration.... Infact I am going to change my signature...

Anyhow, good luck to us all...


Good luck to all of you guys ;)

*group hug*


Well come on then. Throw that favourite lighter away. You are ready to move into the fantastic world of no smoking. I was a 40+ a day fool. This side is great. Its fresh, its clean and its wonderful. Rid yourselves of that muck.


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